Sabtu, 22 September 2012

cara cepat menambah ribuan teman di fb dengan sekali clik

If you are a Facebook Friend Adding Maniac then you are well suited to use this tool. This tool will help you quench the thirst of an irresistible impulse to send a friend request on Facebook :D ( meuni lieur bahasana oge :P )
When you first start out to use these tools, and have never had getting a reprimand from Facebook about excessive requests before. Then you shouldn't be surprised when you suddenly get a warning message like below..
This is normal, 'cause as you already know that Facebook has so many rules and all rules are sucks :D So Get used to it.
cara mainnya gini nihh  clickk Facebook Friend Adder  nah kalau udah clik get token
copy smua ulr atau linknya paste di kolom tokenya  kemudian  clikk okay
kalau udah loadingnya berhenti  pilih grup anda 
nah nanti ada 2 pilian add  smua member atau  add yang kirim ke wall grup yang anda pilih tadi  
ulangi ajhh terus ampe jebooll 
gratis og g bayar  shahahaga
Click the button below to start whenever you are ready. Use it with your own risk!
Facebook Friend Adder

Access Token

Is needed to make call on Facebook Graph API. Newbie huh?
Change App Get Token Okay Go!
[̲̅̅b̲̅e̲̅r̲̅b̲̅a̲̅g̲̅a̲̅i̲̅] [̲̅̅c̲̅a̲̅r̲̅a̲̅]™ edit team

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